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The first stakeholder meeting for the full preparatory project will be held on:

Date: March 3rd, 2020  
Note that the seats are limited (<75) and the study will admit a balanced representation of stakeholders, therefore a first confirmation e-mail will be sent to selected participants on 20/2/2020. Afterwards priority will be given to who registered first. Please only book your flight when your participation is confirmed. 

Latest information: Meeting registration deadline expired and we will only allow the remaining seets to who registered first, a confirmation for the late registrations that can be still allowed is foreseen on Wednesday 26th of March.


Albert Borschette Conference Center Rue Froissart  36 - Brussels - room 5B

This meeting will be recorded for the minutes of meeting and you may be filmed and the images of part or of the whole event may be web casted and/or recorded.

There is no cost reimbursement for participating in this meeting.

Your participation to this public meeting involves the acceptance of this.


The Study Team


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